Moving Into Oneness

Evolution of Consciousness 

through Union with the Horse

Whether you want to be more adept in your chosen riding discipline, or simply enjoy a deeper bond with your horse,

your body, mind, and relationships ~ both human and equine ~ will benefit from this practice.

Practicing on the mat before engaging with our horses, we develop greater awareness and control of our own bodies and minds, and recognize how to use them more effectively in partnership with the horse.  Mounted or unmounted exercises with our equine partners further deepen these abilities, and the horse gives us immediate and honest feedback, reflecting with his responses the shifts we are making within. The awareness gained through our bodies and in partnership with the horse becomes the basis for living in greater harmony with all aspects of Life.  

As Above, So Below... As Within, So Without

Nowhere is the mirror of relationship more apparent than in our relationships with our horses.

Classes and private sessions via Zoom

 In-person classes, private sessions, and on-site clinics available in the Gainesville and Ocala, FL areas  

Private sessions are customized for the unique needs of the individual client. 

 Target specific riding challenges, help your body and mind be more balanced, and become a better partner for your horse.

On-site clinics may also include mounted practice.

Contact Bryony to schedule 

For your home practice: Yoga for Equestrians Audio CD or MP3

Session One: Getting Started is a short practice (26 minutes) suitable for students of any level, from beginning to advanced.  

Audio instruction is clear and detailed so that you experience correct alignment in your body; modifications are given for those with physical limitations.  Instruction explains how each pose relates to riding and can help you in using your body more effectively in the saddle. 

Photo insert included in CD's shows all poses.

Available as CD or download.  All proceeds go to equine rescue organizations to help provide care and food for horses in need.

What customers are saying

"Within just 3 sessions, Bryony had really helped me understand the exact imbalances in my body, and the two of us figured out how this was  impacting my riding.  Bryony was a master at understanding what I needed, imparting the knowledge that would help me, and showing me just the right amount of exercises to keep me moving forward and motivated. Already, I have noticed a difference, and more importantly, so have the horses I ride." 

~Mel Hare, Ocala, FL and Moab, UT

"Amazing.  I always seem to come away so much more in tune

 with myself and others." 

 ~ B.B., Corpus Christi, TX  

"I have been 'stuck' on some issues in my riding, but could not quite understand what was going on. Bryony's classes and audio CD have helped me so much, to gain awareness of my own body and to realize how my body correlates to the horses' movements and their ability to understand what I am asking them to do. She makes it so easy to understand the "why and how" of how our bodies are communicating (or miscommunicating!) to our horses. The best analogy I can come up with is "On line for the human". Bryony's yoga classes shape our bodies, focus our minds, and help us understand which muscles do what and how important our breathing is in effecting our riding and communication. I would highly recommend her classes and her CD."

--Chris McCord, Ocala, FL

"Bryony's clear, detailed instruction helped me to find proper alignment. Bryony's soothing voice guided us through an invigorating- yet relaxing- session. I would recommend her classes to anyone."

~Fleta Sokal, MD, Forest Hill, MD